Project64 is an emulator for the Nintendo 64 console

Project64 is an emulator for the Nintendo 64 console. It is one of the most popular and stable emulators around, allowing you to play all the classic titles that were popular in the late 90s, such as Super Mario 64, Golden Eye 007, the Legend of Zelda series, Super Smash Bros, and more.

To emulate games, P64 uses ROMs of different extensions; these are the files that contain the games themselves and can be run from .zip archives. These ROMs are not provided with the program for obvious legal reasons, and developers advise the use of ROMs dumped from your own cartridges. Loading and playing ROMs is easy and all you need to do is indicate the folder that stores these files.

That said, as far as emulation goes, the program does an excellent job of recreating the N64 experience; in all the games I've tried gameplay was smooth, responsive, and fluid. P64 works both in full screen and windowed mode, letting you set the video resolution and make adjustments to improve aspects such as brightness and contrast. Moreover, the program supports the use of gamepad/joystick, letting you fully configure the controller's buttons, as well as save controller profiles for games that require specific settings. Also, you can quickly save and restore game states using hotkeys, take snapshots, and use cheats.

Probably the most salient feature of this emulator is how easy it is to set up. After install, the program is ready to run as all the basic video and audio plugins already provided in the pack. It supports third-party plugins too, so if you need other specific functions you can easily add them to the program. In case you need more info about this and the overall functionality of the program, you can check the comprehensive, detailed documentation available on the developer's site.

All in all, if you're looking for a program that lets you play the unforgettable titles of the N64 console, you should try Project64. I've been using it for some months now and I have nothing to complain about. It's definitely one of the best alternatives you will find.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Great video and sound emulation
  • Gameplay is smooth and fluid
  • It's probably the best N64 emulator
  • It's updated regularly
  • Free


  • Does not support netplay
  • Installer comes with additional sponsored apps, which you can choose not to install
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